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Slaapwel Records is a small record label specialized in music to fall asleep to. Often I find myself lying awake in bed, not sleepy enough to fall asleep, not lively enough to keep doing stuff. I figured it would be good if there was more music that soundtracks the thin border between being asleep and lying awake, deliberately choosing the sleepy side of things. So I set out, looking for people that would be good at making mind-soothing songs. I ask them to write a sleep-inducing record, I listen to it, and when I fail to reach the end because I fell asleep, I release it as a musical record. All artists are various people I met through the years, different yet all connected with their unique talent. I think they are very good at making "boring" music. This is not an insult. I love their music to death and I think they are all very capable of making wonderful sleep-inducing songs. In any case, don't make too much of it. It is all just good fun. Sleepy fun.

Demo Policy

We're really humbled by all the requests for releasing a record. It's very flattering you think Slaapwel could be a good home, but, in all honesty: if you made an album and you're looking for a label to release it: Slaapwel can't do that for you. Slaapwel only releases albums specifically made for people to fall asleep to. Much like scientists, we do a test with each submission before releasing it. If you want to make something special, feel free to send it over. We promise we'll try it out, if it works, we'll get back to you, if it doesn't, we prefer staying quiet because it is no fun to say it didn't work. :-) 


Peter Broderick release sold out

Wow, that went fast... Our latest release - Music for a Sleeping Sculpture of Peter Broderick - is completely sold out! At the end of this week the last remaining copies will be sent.

If you're too late to buy it, don't worry. You can download it, and all other releases for a few bucks and hibernate throughout the cold snowy winter.

Of course, eager as we are, we've already begun preparations for a new, fresh release. But that's all still very TOP SECRET so you'll just have to wait and see!

All the best,

the Slaapwel Team



End of Year

Like every website, end of year lists are inevitable. 5 records of 2009 I enjoyed playing while falling asleep. (Sorry to the artists involved, but it really is not an insult!)

Rameses III - I Could Not Love You More

Seaworthy - 1897

William Basinski - 92982

Thomas Köner - La Barca

Jonsi & Alex - Riceboy Sleeps



Komarovo Review

As with all slaapwel releases, reviews are scarce. But when one does come up, they've been mostly good and kind to us. Here's a review for Greg Haines' Komarovo piece, released a couple months ago. I still have a copy or 3 lying around, send an e-mail if you want it.

After four previous great releases our favourite lullaby label Slaapwel Records is back with a new one. This time the honour goes out to Greg Haines to lull us to sleep. For this he created a one track album called Komarovo, which clocks in at 30 minutes.

Since his previous release Slumber Tides from 2006 we didn't hear much from him, only a few collaborations with Xela, Wouter van Veldhoven and Machinefabriek crossed our ears. So it was about time to get something new. Where on Slumber Tides the focus was on recordings from cellos processed with many computer effects, here Haines makes uses of piano and organ to create his lush soundscapes. Though, again things get reworked through the computer and old tape delays.
The source for the recordings comes from a live performance done in a church.
I think only some editing has been used to the original recordings because the organ sounds are still clean and recognizable.

In the begin soft soundscapes start out while creating a dreamy, though melancholic mood. Soft piano play is added to the whole increasing the tranquillity. Slowly from this opening the organ tones emerge. First soft as background filling but slowly developing to a dense layer of dominating drones.
While this happens the piano becomes slightly reworked with some effects. The sound becomes more warped, while the drone wraps around the piano like a warm blanket. Eventually the piano is completely gone and you are left in a bed of harmonic organ tones creating it's own small overtones and distant melodies. A sparse piano note does surface from the depths, but for sure at this time the dream really hits in and there is no escape until waking up again. While chords die out others are set in filling the harmonic tones with even more warmness. To eventually fade out again, leaving you behind in your sleep with your own dreams.

Slaapwel does it again, 'cause again this release is suitable for sleeping. Though not only is it a one way ticket to neverneverland, it also is a lovely release just for listening pleasure. It was really time for some new solo work by Greg Haines and as expected the wait was worth it.
Potential top 10 material.

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Some Pictures of the Labelnights

The labelnights were awesome! I might write a more elaborate review of that later. Here are three pictures of the room, right before the audience was allowed to get in. I didn't take any pictures during the concerts/night for the simple reason that the sound of my shutter was louder than the music! (Also, these pictures are a lot brighter than the actual lighting in the room). It was lovely. Hopefully we can do this again some time ...


A New Release by Peter Broderick


We’re rather happy to present you with another wonderful addition to the Slaapwel Records set. Peter Broderick is a talented musician to say the least. He knows how to make wonderful folk songs (“Home”), hauntingly beautiful piano & string compositions (“Float”) and he rocks the violin with Efterklang. But is he also up to the task of making music to fall asleep to? You betcha!

With “Music for a Sleeping Sculpture of Peter Broderick” he delivers the goods. Upon hearing this slow-paced work for vocals, piano and field recordings, I immediately decided this would be an indispensable part of my nighty night set. Toothbrush, pyjama’s, Lars (my secret teddy bear) and "Music for a ..." ! That’s the way it’s gotta be. It’s one long 30 minute piece that slowly evolves and really draws you into the breathtaking dreamworld of Peter Broderick.

This time we’ve made 500 copies. It comes in a hand assembled package with a high quality CD and 3 inserts in a beautiful cardboard box with a picture of a sleeping sculpture of Peter Broderick. You can get yours through the slaapwel records store. Thanks to modern technology, you can download and listen to it immediately if you buy the CD for 10€.  Click this link for a sample, some pictures and shipping options. If you run into problems or if you have any question at all, just send us an e-mail through the contact page.

The record will be shipped next Monday. People who attend the slaapwel records labelnights in Leuven will be able to get it there.