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Slaapwel Records is a small record label specialized in music to fall asleep to. Often I find myself lying awake in bed, not sleepy enough to fall asleep, not lively enough to keep doing stuff. I figured it would be good if there was more music that soundtracks the thin border between being asleep and lying awake, deliberately choosing the sleepy side of things. So I set out, looking for people that would be good at making mind-soothing songs. I ask them to write a sleep-inducing record, I listen to it, and when I fail to reach the end because I fell asleep, I release it as a musical record. All artists are various people I met through the years, different yet all connected with their unique talent. I think they are very good at making "boring" music. This is not an insult. I love their music to death and I think they are all very capable of making wonderful sleep-inducing songs. In any case, don't make too much of it. It is all just good fun. Sleepy fun.

Demo Policy

We're really humbled by all the requests for releasing a record. It's very flattering you think Slaapwel could be a good home, but, in all honesty: if you made an album and you're looking for a label to release it: Slaapwel can't do that for you. Slaapwel only releases albums specifically made for people to fall asleep to. Much like scientists, we do a test with each submission before releasing it. If you want to make something special, feel free to send it over. We promise we'll try it out, if it works, we'll get back to you, if it doesn't, we prefer staying quiet because it is no fun to say it didn't work. :-) 


Peter Broderick

Music for a Sleeping Sculpture of Peter Broderick by Peter Broderick

I don't really remember exactly when and where I met Peter, nor when I challenged him to make something to fall asleep to. But I don't really mind anymore, because the work he sent me is so breathtakingly beautiful. Homemade choir singing, a piano so intimate it feels like a hug at the right time, and an incredible sense of pace, space and sensitivity. Music for a Sleeping Sculpture of Peter Broderick is a whole lot more than just a "boring composition that will have you go zzz in no time". It almost seems as if it was made by someone who knew all along how sleepy music was supposed to sound. I probably already used too many superlatives, but I really don't mind if you question the credibility of this little promo blurb. To me, this is a most wonderful addition to the 5 previous releases. And an excellent thing to have on headphones when you're in your bed. You can be stressed as hell, put this thing on, and you'll bliss out before you know it. Slaapwel Records is really proud to have this one.



• slaapwel vi • released 10.12.2009 • limited edition (500) • SOLD OUT •

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    Sleeping is a very good thing because it will make the mind fresh and the people will able to make their life fresh. I hope that the way you find the peter it will be a great story also so please share complete story of your meeting with peter.
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    I'm having a slumber ended through my finest acquaintance and we poverty certain non-rap music for it some references?
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    Response: Explainer Videos
    This hand collected bundle contains 30 awesome minutes of music to nod off to by Peter Broderick, an amazing CD and 3 embeds in a wonderful cardboard box with a photo of a resting figure of Peter Broderick. It likewise incorporates a direct download of the entire piece in 320kbps MP3 ...

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